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  • Four-in-one-shoe handles 1', 1-1/4', 1-1/2, 2' EMT, IMC and Rigid steel and aluminum conduit.
  • Puncture-proof pneumatic tires with steel rims and precision ball bearings for tough jobsite conditions.
  • Quickly remove the shoe and bridge to reduce weight for easy handling.
  • Easy to load and unload.
  • Squeeze adjustment to compensate for conduit variations. Smooth wrinkle-free bends.

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Easy to use: preheat for 10 minutes, open lid and position PVC, close lid, rotate until pliable, open lid, remove PVC and form bend.
  • Heavy-duty, insulated metal walls and cover with reflective interior for efficient, even heat.
  • Full length door for easy loading and unloading.
  • On/off switch with indicator light.
  • Sturdy wheels for easy mobility.

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Use with PVC Heating Blankets or Electric Heaters to plug the ends of the PVC being heated.
  • The trapped air will help keep the PVC from collapsing while forming the bend.
  • Use on Schedule 40 and 80 PVC.
  • Available in 2" - 4" set

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