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Cutter Wheel w/ Teeth 19 in. x 1/2 in.
Cutting Depth 13 in.
Cutting Height 25 in.
Ground Drive Self-Propelled Hydraulic
Power Rating 25 hp.
Fuel Type Gasoline
Length 115 in.
Width w/ Single Wheels 35 in.
Width w/ Dual Wheels 50 in.
Trailer Hitch 2 in. Ball or Pintle Ring
Weight 1,060 lbs.

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As stump cutters go, the SC652 is small in stature but big on performance.

It goes where tow-behind machines can’t and makes short work of stumps

when it gets there.

Cutter Wheel w/ Teeth 26 in. x 1.13 in.
Cutting Depth 24 in.
Cutting Height 24 in.
Ground Drive Self Propelled
Power Rating 65 hp.
Fuel Type Diesel 3.8 gph
Length 12 ft. 3 in.
Width 35 in.
Height 76.5 in.
Weight 3,900 lbs.

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Cutter Wheel w/ Teeth 14 in. x 3/8 in.
Cutting Depth 13 in.
Cutting Height 22 in.
Ground Drive Push Type
Power Rating 13 hp.
Fuel Type Gasoline
Length 90 in.
Width 31 in.
Weight 420 lbs.

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