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  • Low vibration for increased user comfort and productivity
  • Hammering regulation from 100 to 50 power for better control in fragile materials
  • Use as a chipping hammer or a hammer drill
  • Optimal drilling size from 1/2 inch to 6 inch diameter holes
  • Optimized mechanical clutch for maximum torque
  • Tool with ATC does not twist if drill bit catches, which minimizes  accident risks


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 - 16 ft-lbs of impact energy delivers outstanding demolition performance and productivity
- Sub-chassis Active Vibration Reduction achieves the lowest vibration in its class
- Power Reduction Switch offers 30% less impact for precision work

- Light to medium demolition of concrete slabs and foundations
- Concrete removal for rebar and utility connections
- Concrete bushing, tamping earthwork and digging in clay
- Penetrations for pipes, electrical boxes, HVAC, beams, etc.
- Heavy floor tile removal

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  • 61 Ft-lbs impact energy provides maximum performance
  • SHOCKS - Active Vibration Control reduces user fatigue and increases comfort and productivity
  • 15 amp motor provides maximum power and overload protection
  • Rubber coated handles provide greater comfort and control
  • Electronic soft start increases productivity by reducing bit walking


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Technical Data TE 3000-AVR
Power input                           1800 W
Voltage                                    120 V
Hammering frequency         840 bpm
Single impact energy           50 ft-lbs
Weight                                     66 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H)        32 x 24 x 8 in

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Impact Energy 250 lbs.
Weight 203 lbs.
Length 40 in.
BPM 900
GPM 4-8
Steel Diameter 1.77 in.
Steel Length 11.42 in.

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Impact Energy 500 lbs.
Weight 445 lbs.
Length 56.75 in.
BPM 1,000
GPM 8.5-13
Steel Diameter 2.38 in.
Steel Length 13.8 in.

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